Òptim’s Reflexology is back!!!

Delighted to tell you that our beloved Reflexology IS BACK!!!

Here’s a bit on WHAT Reflexology can do for YOU

Reflexology is one of the top treatments people choose to treat their body health problems, and it is one the most effective and safest natural treatments.

Reflexology is not used in diagnosing processes; however, it is highly effective in treating the root cause of some conditions.

Here at Òptim Holistic Therapies, we do apply a holistic approach to Reflexology by introducing other natural treatments like Reiki and other types of energy work.

Treating the root cause in this way leads to deeper improvements and to profound health benefits.

People report experiencing great alleviation of the effects from injuries, illnesses and conditions.

The nature of this treatment leads to a deep relaxation state, and it helps to ease the effects of daily stresses and of chronic stress.

Reflexology is a great ally when it comes to mental health problems. Having ongoing troubled thoughts, worries and fears can lead to a chronic state of mental disturbance and imbalance. Finding the route to alignment can be difficult if we lack the resources.

We have SOLUTIONS for you to regain your inner balance and state of well-being. It is possible for us all. You just need the right guidance and treatments.

We can assure you that the treatments we deliver are highly successful and people experience a thorough transformation to a happier, easier and healthier way of living.

I am so happy to have you all back and I am so looking forward to welcoming newcomers to Òptim’s pampering Reflexo time!


07719107178 – contact@optimtherapies.co.uk

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