FREE Eye Health Meditation & Workshop

Your vision can improve. It’s natural.

Saturday 23rd May at 4:30 pm on ZOOM

To all of our users, thank you.

We hope you are all very well.

You have a 2-hour FREE Meditation & Workshop at your disposal, on Saturday 23rd May at 4:30 pm.

The theme is EYE HEALTH CARE.

We are trained and specialised in Natural Vision Education.

We have firsthand experience of how a weakened vision feels like.

Most importantly, we have firsthand experience of how having 20/20 flashes of perfect clear vision, feels like.

Yes, your eyesight can improve. It has the natural capacity to improve.

We are trained to help people improve their eyesight as well as various visual problems.

Our meditations & workshops are designed to help you relax your mind, body and eyes.

With practice, you can notice improvements on your vision and your overall well-being.

It is all connected. Your MIND, your EMOTIONS, your EYES, your VISION.

You are most welcome to join this FREE MEDITATION & WORKSHOP for the care of your eyes.

We hope to see you there.

Send us an email to to let us know you are joining.