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This policy outlines some of the key measures which have been taken to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus (COVID-19). Please note the content may be subject to change.

Adhering to guidelines

We have thoroughly ensured that we follow all the precautionary measures & guidelines given by:

  • Scottish Government
  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Health Protection Scotland
  • NHS

As part of our CODE OF CONDUCT & PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE, we have also implemented all the measures provided by FHT – Federation of Holistic Therapists- and UK Reiki Federation, the two professional associations with which we hold membership.

We can also share with you that we have successfully achieved the Control of Cross-Infection in a Post-COVID-19 World Qualification, Government & HSE guidance-based & accredited by FHT.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

A full risk assessment has been thoroughly carried out, in line with guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), in order to provide an environment which is safe & protected for all users.

Client consultation & Health screening  

Pre-Covid-19, client consultation had always been FREE OF CHARGE and it was a complementary time provided for the client. We find consultation is crucial to understand the clients’ needs & to assess the best treatment plan for them.

During the pandemic, we want to highlight that this extra time will be maintained and it remains FREE OF CHARGE.

Detailed information as to how client consultations will be carried out throughout the pandemic is given at the time of booking.

In addition, a COVID-19 related consultation will be carried out in order to screen the client’s health and to determine whether any treatment should be deferred.

This information may be shared with NHS only if it is required – we assist contact tracing as part of NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect system.

In order to screen the client’s health before treatment, and in order to minimise physical contact time, consultations will be done prior to treatment. Full information on procedures is given at the time of booking.

We understand that consultation may sound repetitive for sub-sequent treatments. However, it is important and essential that the client’s responses are true and informative at all times.

We are making everything possible to keep our private space sterile for every user, and your cooperation to the consultation and other procedures (please see ‘client cooperation’ section) are crucial and essential.

We strictly follow and abide by the Government’s guidelines and other representative authorities. We will defer treatments if either the therapist or the client develops COVID-19 or any of its symptoms.

Treatments will also be deferred in the following cases: if the client is waiting for a COVID-19 test result; if the client has recently tested positive for COVID-19; if anyone in the client’s household has COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19; if the client has been in close contact with someone who has symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days; if the client is currently shielding or self-isolating; if the client has been contacted by the NHS Test and Trace Service and told to self-isolate.

If anyone has COVID-19 symptoms please make sure you use NHS 111 online coronavirus service immediately.

Clients who are classed as clinically extremely vulnerable or clinically vulnerable will need written consent from their GP in order to have any treatment.

When consultation is successful and the treatment can be booked, the client will be asked to phone the therapist asap in the event of having a high temperature or any other COVID-19 related symptoms in order to defer treatment. The same applies especially on the morning of the client’s appointment prior to treatment.

Enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures

We always have ensured that strict measures of hygiene are in place.

We have implemented further preventative hygiene measures and equipment to maintain a clean and sterile environment.

The therapist will ensure that hand washing and sanitising is fully in place. In order to maintain a sterile environment, we ask that every client uses the hand sanitiser provided on arrival.

Enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures between clients have been introduced, which includes cleaning & disinfecting surfaces and therapy equipment straight away after each client with special cleaning and disinfection methods.

We have ensured that the air in the environment is kept sterile too. We have introduced an Air Purifier for your, and our safety.

Adapting or restricting treatments

In order to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and protect clients’ health and safety, some treatments have to be adapted. Specific information on treatments with adaptation will be given at the time of booking.

Due to having to minimise contact time with the client during a booking, lengthy treatments have to be adapted to this new measure. Nevertheless, we have been offering remote treatments during lockdown and this offer remains active during the coronavirus pandemic for anyone who wishes to have remote treatments with no time restrictions.

We are currently NOT offering Facial Massage due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Maintaining social distancing

Social distancing measures will be maintained at all times wherever possible. Note that, depending on the treatment, a strict 2-meter distancing may not be possible. We mitigate this by wearing a face mask at all times as well as by wearing a face shield.

Adaptations on treatments already contribute to maintain the distance, to minimise a closer approach and to completely avoid the ‘High Risk Zone’, which is defined as ‘the area in front of the face where splashes and droplets from the nose and mouth may be present, which can pose a hazard’.

We can assure our users that adaptations will not affect the comfort of the client nor the benefits one gets from our treatments.

Client Cooperation

We are doing everything possible to screen every client’s health before treatment. On the morning of the client’s appointment, we ask that the client monitors their temperature and if it is higher than normal or they experience any symptoms of any sort, we ask the client to please contact the therapist on 07719107178 immediately.

We are doing everything possible to have & to maintain a clean, fresh, sterile environment for all of our clients and ourselves.

We ask that all users of this practice cooperate to maintain a clean, fresh and sterile environment in the same way, by following the following prescriptive measures.

We ask clients to use the hand sanitiser provided on arrival, and at any time which is necessary and needed.

Toilet facilities can be used if it is necessary. If used, please ensure you wear at all times the face protection that has been provided on arrival.

In order to provide and ensure a safe & sterile environment for every user & for the therapist, a condition of entry is that the fresh disposable surgical mask provided by us is worn at all times within the premises.

We ask all users to follow all the guidance and procedures asked to be carried out at all times within the premises.

Location & accommodation

We are based on a second-floor building and there is no lift. We are not responsible for any client going up the stairs to arrive to our premises.

We are currently NOT offering treatments at other premises as we used to do prior to COVID-19 where lift facilities were available.

We can discuss with our clients other non-face-to-face treatment options that we offer if anyone, for any reason or any health condition, is unable to go up the stairs by themselves.

Payment & Cancellations policy

We are taking online payments during the pandemic in order to avoid managing cash. 

Any client’s appointment will be confirmed when payment has been received.

If, for any reason, the appointment needs to be re-scheduled, a different booking will be given.

If, for any reason, the client wants to cancel their appointment, please phone directly to 07719107178.

Cancellations can only be made by phone.

50% of a client’s payment will be non-refundable when cancellations are made within less than 48-hour notice.

Data Protection

On 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force.

There is no action required from you, unless you wish to be unsubscribed from Òptim Holistic Therapies. You can do so at any time by emailing us at contact@optimtherapies.co.uk

At Òptim Holistic Therapies we are committed to safeguarding your data, and in order to comply with GDPR, these are the updates:

Subscription to Òptim Holistic Therapies

If you receive newsletters and emails from us it is because we had your consent to be subscribed to Òptim Holistic Therapies. You might have given us your consent at a consultation with us, or because you found us online and wished to be subscribed.

Being subscribed to Òptim Holistic Therapies means that you can receive special offers regarding treatments and workshops when they are published & updates on new treatments or workshops that we may offer.

During COVID-19 pandemic we will be sending newsletters via email to keep all of our users informed and updated with regards to our treatments, adaptations, measures in place and updates on how the pandemic affects what we can offer at the time.

The way you receive our special offers & updates, i.e., newsletters, is through a newsletter by email.

If you wish to continue receiving our newsletters, no action is required.

If you wish to not receive our newsletters anymore, then you can unsubscribe by emailing us at: contact@optimtherapies.co.uk

Data we hold from you which can be shared with NHS if requested due to the coronavirus pandemic:

Under GDPR, we are allowed to share contact information from our clients with NHS Test and Trace, to help minimise the transmission of COVID-19 and support public health and safety. (For more information, see the government’s guidance on maintaining records for to support NHS Test and Trace.)

Data which can be shared with NHS if requested is our clients’ full name, phone number or email address if phone number is not provided. Date and length of treatment information can also be shared.

Data we hold from you

At Òptim Holistic Therapies we are committed to giving the best quality therapy service. For this purpose, we approach the individual holistically, exploring each individual’s symptoms & needs closely in order to design the best treatment plan for you. This is why prior to any treatment we offer a free consultation with the therapist.

If you had a treatment with us, we hold the following information which you provided us with during consultation: your contact details & information regarding the reason for your treatment (i.e., conditions, ailments). If during consultation you gave us your permission to contact you by email to receive our newsletters, then it means you are subscribed to Òptim Holistic Therapies and you receive our newsletters.

If you never had a treatment with us, but you are receiving our newsletters, it is because you subscribed yourself to our website to receive our newsletters. This means that the only information we hold from you is your email address.

Under all circumstances, the information we hold from you is safe & protected by our password secure database & safe locked filing cabinets.

We do not share nor sell any data with any other party, under any circumstance.

We wish to keep you on board and to hear from you at any time you may need us.

Thank you for your attention.

Kindest regards,

Òptim Holistic Therapies Team

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